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Project Overview

OmniSci is an analytics platform that allows users to analyze massive amounts of data in sub-second time. In October of 2019, OmniSci had settled on messaging as the leader in "Accelerated Analytics" and wanted to showcase what the product could do for users and prospects in a visually compelling way.

Our goal was to over-index on clarity above marketing jargon-y/emotive copy. We did this by writing straight forward content and paired that with interactive motion design, to create an intriguing display of analytical power, and dynamic design.
Webflow, Epi Server
Research, Design, User Testing

Clarity Over Creativity

By making objective based design decisions, we were able to increase our prospect's understanding of who we are and what we do. Our work was quickly rewarded with a decrease in our bounce rate by 6% and an increase of average time on site by 19%.

Bounce Rate Decrease


Ave time on site

User quote

"It (OmniSci) analyses data and shows visualizations in an interactive way, even if data amount is so big as billions of records"

User quote

"The headline makes me feel like I'm getting extraordinary and world class service"