Dear Survivor

User Centered Website Redesign
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Project Overview

Dear Survivor is a bespoke sustainable high-fashion accessory company based out of San Diego, currently owned and operated by my good friend Christine and her husband Cody. They needed help for a big rebrand and wanted to relaunch their website.

Their goals were simple, create a unique e-commerce store that could process payments simply and easily, communicate their value through imagery and copy, and create a wonderful shopping experience that spoke to customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey.
Shopify, Webflow
Research, Design, Development

Good Design,
Starts with People

Dear Survivor has been designing sustainable products since 2015. Not only do they create beautifully timeless pieces, but they do so in a manor that is both waste and carbon neutral. My job was to make sure their design aesthetic was reflected through their website. Working with the brand team at Parker and Co, we were able to ensure Dear Survivor's brand quality was maintained through all customer touch points.
User Personas
For the first time ever, Dear Survivor got to really know who their customers are. We used our research to guide our design decisions through the project. Click the cards to view the whole persona.

“Any Relationship is like a house with an upstairs: It's got two stories”

- Dolly Parton

308% Increase
in Conversion Rate

Through understanding our customer, their values and desires, we were able to create an e-commerce experience that spoke directly to them. We did this through over-communicating that we were sustainable, and ethically focused by donating a portion of profits to a 501c3 charity. This focus on speaking directly to our customers showed itself to be beneficial, as we saw not only and increase in conversion rate, but also an increase in time on site.