Customer On-boarding Flow

Project Overview

(pronounced "Apparel") is a startup based out of Los Angeles, California. They came to our team to improve their .02% account creation conversion rate.

Our goal was to understand what users expected when it comes to on-boarding. From there we wanted to set a baseline for how the current interaction was performing, and build agains that baseline
Research, Design, User Testing
Sketch, Invision

the Problem

We analyzed five different companies, with similar business goals, to understand how they currently approach on-boarding. Based on the 5 companies researched, we discovered that users expect on-boarding to include all features listed on this chart except Terms of Service on the sign up screen and “follow brands & ambassadors.”

From there, we relied on user testing to get feedback on what was working, and what wasn't. This was crucial in helping us measure our results.
User Flow
To increase the conversion rate of accounts created, we eliminated screens that were unnecessary to account creation, and added information to set user's expectations about the process of account creation.

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”

- Douglas Adams,

Test, Test, Test

APRL's on-boarding favors users who have download codes, and currently the only way to obtain a code before is to be given a code from of the founders before you download the app. Because of this constraint, we felt it best to flip the primary action on the home screen to favor users who do not have download codes.

74% Increase in Customer Ok-ness

Given the constraints of APRL's technical capabilities. We were able to communicate to users the process of being accepted into the APRL community. Solving a relevant business goal, while also setting expectations for users.