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Hi I'm  Jason. Let's build something together.

Over the course of my life, I’ve worn many hats. I’ve worn the frontman hat, the minister hat, the taxi driver hat, the server hat, the salesman.... The list can get pretty long, I’ll save you the gory details. Recently, I’ve found myself wearing the “head of web and creative” hat at Planful. Though I like the hat, and it suits me well, I’m looking for a role that is less of a head and more of a hat. Though I love the challenge of constantly changing hats to manage both a web and creative team, I’m looking to focus my skills within product design. I’ve realized the hat I like to wear most right now, is the “designer leader in the weeds solving a complex user problem” hat. 

More about me:
Jason is a lighthearted and passionate design leader. His background in sales, digital marketing, and design has helped him build teams and products alike. He likes to keep his head low, and ears open to listen for any bit of feedback that can take a product from good to a great.

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